Teens as parents pregnancy help program in Harnett County, North Carolina

Teens As Parents Services

In-Home Visitation

Throughout each month, an outreach worker will visit each teen in their home. During these sessions, the specific needs of the teen will be addressed.

Through the use of the March of Dimes "Pregnancy Workshop" Curriculum, the Outreach Worker will help each teen learn how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible by giving the teen information about medical and lifestyle issues related to a healthy pregnancy and promoting healthy behaviors during pregnancy. Some topics addressed are:

  • Exercise and pregnancy
  • Stress and pregnancy
  • Preterm labor
  • Avoiding viruses and other infections
  • Folic acid
  • Nutrition during and after pregnancy
  • Effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs during pregnancy
  • Developing a birth plan
  • Newborn screening tests
  • Stages of child birth
  • Packing for the hospital
  • Postpartum care
  • Connecting with and stimulating a baby
  • Coping with crying
  • Bathing and diapering a baby
  • Benefits of breastfeeding

Following the birth of the teen's baby, the Outreach Worker will begin working with the teen on parenting and life skills. Using the curriculum, Transitions: A Series for Pregnant and Parenting Teens, the Outreach Worker will help the teens learn about their new baby, how to help their child grow and develop, understand their changing life, and build a better future. Some topics include:

  • Caring for a newborn
  • Baby's development
  • Keeping your baby healthy and safe
  • Choosing child care
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Decision-making
  • Communicating for better relationships
  • Managing money and resources
  • Exploring career goals
  • Writing a resume
  • Interview skills

The outreach worker is there to support the teen during her pregnancy and after giving birth to ensure she has a healthy baby and the skills needed to be the best parent she can be.

Caring Hands Group Meetings

Each month Caring Hands group meetings are held at local faith-based organizations. During these meetings, speakers talk with teens about how to have a healthy pregnancy, as well as other topics related to being an adolescent parent. Transportation is provided to group meetings, if needed. Food and child care during the meetings is also provided.


Limited transportation is available. It is imperative that all mothers receive adequate prenatal care. If a teen is unable to find transportation to a prenatal appointment, transportation can be provided.

Connections with Other Resources

The program is able to connect teens with other resources throughout Harnett County. Some of these resources include Harnett County Child Care Resource and Referral, Harnett County Parents As Teachers, JobLink, WIC, Work First, and SAFE of Harnett County.

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