Teens as parents pregnancy help program in Harnett County, North Carolina

Links & Resources

  • March of Dimes
    This website contains information on everything related to pregnancy including what to
    expect during pregnancy, labor and delivery, caring for a baby, and the baby's environment.
    It even includes information on pregnancy for expectant fathers.

  • Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital
    Click here to learn more about the Birthing Center at Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital.
  • Harnett County Cooperative Extension
    This website provides information on Harnett County Child Care Resource and Referral, Parents As Teachers, and a variety of other programs offered by Cooperative Extension.
  • Harnett County Department of Public Health
    The Health Department website offers information on adult health programs and child health programs including Maternity Care Coordination, Health Check/Health Choice, WIC, etc.
  • Harnett County Department of Social Services
    This website provides information on many programs including the Child Day Care Program, the Work First Program, Medicaid for Children and Adults, and the Food Assistance Program.
  • Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Council of North Carolina
    The APPCNC website offers statistics and research on adolescent pregnancy in North Carolina. Also, some statistics are offered by county.
  • Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina
    Information and statistics on child abuse, how to report child abuse, and tips for parents are just a few of the things offered by this website.
  • National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
    This website provides real life stories of different families affected by Shaken Baby Syndrome, as well as consequences and physical signs of shaking a baby.
  • Harnett County Schools
    The Harnett County Schools website offers a school calendar, individual school information, testing information, as well as a variety of other resources.

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