Teens As Parents program, helping pregnant and parenting teens in Harnett County to obtain prenatal health care, learn parenting, sklils, and continue in school.

About Teens As Parents

In 1996 a State of the Child Conference was held to identify issues facing children and families in Harnett County. During the conference, teenage pregnancy was identified as a major problem in the County and there were no services available for this population. As a result, The Teens As Parents, or "TAP" program was created in 1997 through a collaborative effort comprised of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Harnett County Department of Public Health, and Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital. The program officially began working with teen parents in 1999 with a grant from The Duke Endowment. The program is funded through grants, donations from community organizations, and fundraisers. The Teens As Parents program has received state and national recognition for program excellence.

The Teens As Parents program is funded by the following organizations.


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